The Usual Existential Cynicism

The minor emotional confusion that characterizes my life continues. Right now nothing seems worthwhile, or even causally effective, even as I cannot shake off the sense of agency, control, or intention with which I am imbued. Thus everything I do or fail to do is experienced as a decision, and I cannot understand why I… Continue reading The Usual Existential Cynicism

The Freedom of Uselessness

Thinking back on Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts and Chris Kraus, I Love Dick. They are both versions of Nelson's "autotheory," using theory as a tool of personal self-interrogation, using others’ reasoning as punctuation, explication, and nuance in one's own story. I want very much to fold this beautiful theoretically-infused form of self-representation into my writing. I see now how this is exactly… Continue reading The Freedom of Uselessness